Laws & Policies

Animal Control By-Law
Annual Planning and Budgeting Policy
Apartment Policy
ATV/Off Road Vehicles Bylaw
Break Open Ticket Policy
Building & Lot Numbering Law
Bus Transportation Policy
Business Licensing Law
Cannabis Law
Cell Phones at Work Policy
Chief & Council Meeting Live Stream Policy
Child Care Centre Policy
Christmas Distribution Policy
Cigarette Quota Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Collection of Accounts in Arrears Policy
Commercial/Industrial Land Lease Approval Policy Bineshii Business Park
Committee Membership Selection
Committee Policy
Community Vote Procedures
Conflict of Interest Code
Cultural Arts Programming Policy
Custom Election Regulations
Daycare Policy
Delegated and Assignment of Responsibilities Policy
Digital Signature Policy
Disclosure of Financial Information Policy
Disorderly Conduct & Nuisances Bylaw
Donation Policy
Education Law
Elementary Secondary Education Policy
Emergencies Policy
Emergency Repair Loan Policy
Employee Substance Use Policy
Employment and Training Policy
Expenditure Policy
External Audit Policy
External Committee / Board Appointments Policy
File Maintenance Policy
Finance and Audit Committee Policy
Financial Administration Law
Financial and Operational Reporting Policy
Financial and Procedural Policy
Financial Institution & Cash Management Policy
Financial Management System Improvement Policy
Financial Management Systems Manual
Financial Requests Policy
Fisheries EI Program
Fisheries Law
Flood Risk Management Sand Bag Policy
Food Bank Policy
Forestry Stewardship Policy Regulations
Freshservice Usage and Guidelines
Fundraising Policy
Funeral Assistance and Interment Policy
Gichi-Naanigewin (Constitution) & E-ntaambiigadeg (Preamble)
Governance Roles Policy
Governing Meetings Policy
Grants of Entitlement and Certificates
Guest Hunting Policy
Possession Land Law
Hall Rental Policy
Honorarium Policy
Hunting Policy
Insurance Policy
Inter-Treaty Harvest Permission Policy
Information Privacy Policy
Information Technology Policy
Investment Policy
Kin Care Fund Policy
Land Code
Land Law Consultation Voting & Enactment Process
Literacy Program Computer Use
Loan Guarantees and Indemnities Policy
Matrimonial Real Property Law * (see attachments below)
Medical Health Fund Policy
Medical Health Fund Application
Membership Transfer Policy
Mortgage Debt Collection Enforcement Policy
Nbisiing Kinoomaage Daabaan (Bus Lines Policy)
Non-Commercial Harvest Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
On Reserve Housing Loan Policy
Organization Chart Policy
Policies, Procedures and Directions Policy
Outdoor Fires Law
Post-Secondary Education Policy
Preventing COVID-19 in the Workplace
Procurement Policy
Purchase of Service Directive
RBC On Reserve Housing Loan Policy
Records Management Policy
Recreation Reimbursement Policy & Application
Renovations for Safe Child Placement Policy
Repair Loan Policy
Reporting of Breaches & Financial Irregularities Policy
Reporting of Remuneration and Expenses Policy
Research Policy
Revenue Recognition Policy
Risk Management Policy
Santa Fund Policy
Scent Free Workplace Policy
Seniors’ Grass Cutting Policy
Seniors’ Minor Repair Grant Policy
Seniors and Emergency Snow Plow Policy
Service Fees Policy
Service Standards Policy
Sharepoint Management Policy
Small Business Loan Policy
Smoking Law
Student Placement Guidelines Policy
Summer Student Employment Policy
Tangible Capital Assets Policy
Tobacco and Nicotine Advertising Policy
Transitional Support Fund Benefits Policy
Vehicle Policy
Youth Who Excel Activities Fund

*Matrimonial Property Law Attachments

Letter to NFN Precedent
Notice of Request for Mediation
Notice of Appointment for Mediation
Proof of Service