Chief & Council

Nipissing First Nation is governed by a Gimaa (Chief), a Aanke Gimaa (Deputy Chief), and six (6) E-giigdowaad (Councillors), and follows a three-year election cycle.  The elected term of the Nipissing First Nation Council is three years beginning on the first day of August immediately after the election and ending on the last day of July three years later.  Please refer to NFN’s Custom Election Regulations for more information.

Chief & Council 2021 – 2024 Term
Chief Scott McLeod
Deputy Chief Mike Sawyer
Councillor Joan McLeod Shabogesic
Councillor June Commanda
Councillor Tyeler Commanda
Councillor Eric (Rick) Stevens
Councillor Jane B. Commanda
Councillor Daniel M. Stevens

L-R:  Councillors Daniel M. Stevens, June Commanda, Tyeler Commanda, Jane B. Commanda, Chief Scott McLeod, Councillors Joan McLeod-Shabogesic and Deputy Chief Michael Sawyer

Click here to watch the video of the Inaugural Meeting held on August 3, 2021

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Each member of Council brings a wealth of experience and education in their fields of expertise that benefits our nation through their involvement in our committee, as well as their advocacy of Nipissing First Nation through external boards and agencies.

Each member of Council strives to continue empowering our membership, protecting our inherent rights and strengthening our reputation as a progressive and accountable nation. We foster positive relations with all levels of government, and always aim to act in the best interests of our nation and debendaagziwaad (our People, those who belong to Nipissing).

Our E-giigdowaad (Council) look forward to your continued input as we move forward with developing and implementing plans to continue enhancing the quality of life of our members. I am humbled by the support of our debendaagziwaad and staff, and am honoured to serve as the Chief of Nipissing Nation.


Scott McLeod
Gimaa (Chief)