Employment Assistance

The NFN Ontario Works Program provides employment assistance to clients & ODSP. (Ontario Disability Support Program)

The Employment Assistance Program offers practical help in preparing for employment such as:
◦ Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Job Search Skills (Workshop and One-on-One)
◦ Updated Job Board, telephone, fax and computer access.
◦ Referrals to job counselling or training programs
◦ Employment Preparation & Life Skills Workshops
◦ Employment & Training Workshops

Employment Assistance Activities (as part of individual Participation Agreements) include:
◦ Education Programs
◦ Job-Specific /Skills Training
◦ Literacy Screening and Referrals to Training
◦ Learning, Earning & Parenting (LEAP)
◦ Employment Placements
◦ Community Placements

Employment Benefits

◦ Employment Related Expenses (costs to assist in Employment Assistance Activities)
◦ Child Care Costs
◦ Other Employment and Employment Assistance Activities Benefit (Employment Start-Up)
◦ Full-Time Employment Benefit
◦ Extended Employment Health Benefits

Ontario Works recipients can gain employability credentials within Nipissing First Nation’s local labour market. Nipissing First Nation has several departments that can be explored on this website.

Working together with all departments within and outside of the community will act as a catalyst for change and will begin to promote local ownership over programs and services.

The Employment Assistance Program operates primarily on a referral basis and will only provide services which are not currently available to community members. For example, the following services will be provided on a referral basis to local community services:

◦Literacy (accessed and services by NFN Literacy Worker)
◦ Basic Education (local high schools, adult education or alternative learning departments)
◦ Skills Training (provided by local AHRDA office)
◦ Addictions Services (provided by The Right Path Counselling & Prevention Services within the Lawrence Commanda Health Centre)
◦ LEAP (provided by education department(s), AHRDA and Early Years program within the Lawrence Commanda Health Centre)
◦ Job Search Support Services (provided by Employment Counsellor and AHRDA)
◦ Employment Placement (provided by Employment Counsellor and AHRDA)

Participation Agreements

As part of the Ontario Works, recipients are required to complete a Participation Agreement that will identify approved employment assistance activities that they will participate in, in order to prepare for, find and maintain employment.

The Participation Agreement is developed with the Employment Assistance Counsellor and takes into account the individuals skills, experience, circumstances and needs, as well as the local labour market conditions. The Participation Agreement is reviewed every three months or earlier if circumstances have changed.

Non-Compliance Guideline
Where participation requirements are not deferred or restricted, applicants who refuse to participate or fail to make reasonable efforts to participate where support has been provided by staff, will have their financial assistance cancelled or reduced. (Ex. Mandatory Workshops, Job Search)

◦ 1st warning   – Note to file & phone call to client
◦ 2nd warning – Letter sent of mandatory requirements
◦ 3rd warning – File on hold & in office appointment
Final review – Letter sent for 1 month Non-compliance policy

Non-compliance policy deems you ineligible for an Ontario Works entitlement for 1 month on the first occurrence and 3 months on the second occurrence.

Restrictions on Participation Requirements
Applicants may experience circumstances that limit their ability to fully participate in employment assistances activities. Restrictions on participation may be the result of physical limitations, medical conditions, or personal circumstances.
Restrictions must be supported by appropriate documentations. (Ex. Letter from qualified Health Professional, as Limitations to Participation Form)
Participants must advise their caseworker of any changes in circumstances which may cancel participation restrictions.

Temporary Deferral of Participation Requirements
Applicants may be eligible for a temporary deferral from participation requirements. The following reasons are acceptable, and verification must be on file to support the deferral:

◦ Sole support parent with no childcare
◦ Caring for an ill family member
◦ Sustained injury
◦ Foster parent with a child in care with them
◦ Declared themselves as a victim of family violence
◦ Waiting for WSIB claims
◦ Under house arrest
◦ On maternity/parental leave

Deferrals must be supported by appropriate documentations (i.e. Letter from qualified Health Professional, Limitations to Participation form). Participants must advise their caseworker of any changes in circumstances which may cancel the deferral.

Voluntary Participation
Applicants who have their participation requirements deferred are given the option to voluntarily participate in employment assistance activities. Voluntary participation is encourages for all applicants to receive the gainful knowledge and skills available.

Contact Information

Ginger Penasse, Ontario Works Administrator
705-753-2050 ext. 1324

Chantal Genereux, Ontario Works Case Worker
705-753-2050 ext. 1329

To contact staff by email, please visit our Contact Us page.