Band Representative

The Band Representative provides family and child support as well as advocacy to community members on and off reserve when Children’s Aid Society (CAS) or First Nation Child & Family Services (FNCFS) is involved with a family.  We provide supports with home visiting, office visits, and court attendance in our district. 

Know the Facts!  It is your right to have a band representative present if CAS or FNCFS requests a visit with you and your family whether you live on or off Nipissing First Nation.  We have an agreement/protocol that our Band Representative program be notified prior to these agencies entering the First Nation.  It is also your right to refuse a visit until your band representative is present.

The Band Representative program also helps in the recruitment of new foster parents and customary care parents within the community as an important step in keeping Nipissing member children within their home community.


24/7 On Call Number/Direct Line: 705-753-2691
Confidential Fax: 705-753-2527
Email for all intakes: [email protected]

Paige Jacko, Band Representative Program Manager
705-753-2691 ext. 1343

Laura Ralph, Administrative Assistant, Band Representative
705-753-2691 ext. 1353

Joyce Nelson-Palmateer, Band Representative
705-753-2691 ext. 1355

Rita Hamilton, Band Representative
705-753-2691 ext. 1349

Brandon Kakepetum, Band Representative
705-753-2691 1341

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