Anishinabek Education System (AES)

The Anishinabek Education System (AES) promotes Anishinaabe culture and language and improves education outcomes for Anishinabek students. Through the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement, Nipissing First Nation and 23 participating First Nations, have full control over how to best allocate education funding. The funding will also allow for the delivery of educational programs and services. To support the AES, NFN passed the Nipissing First Nation Education Law.

In moving forward, the Master Education Agreement was signed between the participating First Nations and Ontario to support Anishinabek student success and well-being in AES and provincially-funded schools.

The Kinoomaadziwin Education Body (KEB) is the central administrative structure that oversees the implementation of the AES. Their head office is housed on NFN territory in the Bineshii Business Park (Yellek). The KEB has a 12-member Board of Directors that is made up of representatives from the four Anishinabek Regional Education Councils. NFN has two representatives on KEB’s Regional Education Council #3 who bring our priorities to AES.

Learn more about the Anishinabek Education System & Kinoomaadziwin Education Body.

Latest Updates

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Student data and information

Student data and information is only used to further objectives of the Master Education Agreement. It also assists to identify the needs and priorities for on-reserve students in provincial schools. Anishinabek students will benefit from the development and delivery of quality education programs and services, as well as customized professional development and learning.

Student data and information will be shared between the student’s school and school board, Nipissing First Nation, KEB and the Ministry of Ontario. Each party has security arrangements in place to protect all information.

To consent to share student data and information, complete the form below and submit to the Education Department:

To withdraw consent after previously giving consent, complete the form below and submit to the Education Department:


Niigaan Gdizhaami Fund

The Niigaan Gdizhaami Fund supports and invests in community and joint projects and initiatives that are locally-developed and advance the objectives of the Master Education Agreement. Equally important, is that through the Fund, communities can build on the local vision for education, with a focus on Bimaadziwin and Kendaaswim.

In 2019-2020, 20 projects were supported in 15 participating First Nations, totaling $609,255. View the Niigaan Gdizhaami Fund 2019-2020 Project Booklet to see some of the great projects and initiatives!

Aniish Naa Gegii

The Aniish Naa Gegii (“How are you?”) is a comprehensive health and well-being assessment that enables Indigenous communities to understand health from the perspectives of their children. Developed by Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory in partnership with Laurentian University, it is culturally appropriate in its design. The project is reflective of Indigenous youth and provides them the opportunity to tell their story and is completed entirely on an Android tablet. In 2019-20 Nbisiing Secondary School participated in the Aniish Naa Gegii pilot project. See more in the Aniish Naa Gegii Information Package.