The Business Licensing Law requires all businesses operating on Nipissing First Nation to have a business license. The business licensing process benefits Nipissing First Nation in the following ways:

  1. It ensures that public health and safety regulations are addressed by businesses when the public has access.
  2. It provides a fair environment for all businesses operating on Nipissing First Nation.
  3. It provides a registration system where NFN can track its economic development and businesses can use the registry as a resource for business planning.
  4. When combined with commercial land use requests, it ensures that a commercial land lease is implemented, building codes have been adhered to and zoning and other restrictions have been enforced.

Business Licensing Process

NFN’s current business licence application review and approval process is outlined below in detail and summarized in this process flow diagram.  Please note that this process may be amended or changed to deal with business licence applications specific to cannabis-related ventures (production or retailing). 

The process to apply for a NFN Business Licence (unrelated to cannabis production or retailing) is:

1) Complete and submit the application along with your business plan.
2) If the information is complete, the Business Licence Committee will review the application to determine if the business is appropriate for NFN (i.e. is the business legal?  Are there any environmental issues?  Is the proposed location appropriate?)
3) The Business Licence Committee may request clarification or additional information.
4) A notification informing the community of the proposed business and location will be posted for 30 days giving band members an opportunity to provide feedback.
5) The Business Licence request is then given to Chief and Council with the Business Licence Committee’s recommendations based on the community’s feedback.
6) The Business Licence request is either approved or declined by Chief and Council.

Note: Council may approve a business licence with conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Use of temporary buildings
  • Must build within a specified time and/or be operating within a specified time
  • Must have water and septic services installed and approved by EHO before operating
  • Must attend Land Office to apply for land
  • Must complete lease agreement with Land staff

When doing your business planning, please keep in mind that this is a minimum six (6) month process from the point of contact to the issuance of the business licence.  Resources to assist with completing a business plan and a list of funding programs are available upon request.


The following agencies and services can assist employers with their recruitment needs:

  • Get Trained Workers Program – a one-stop shop for finding trained and qualified employees
  • Professions North – bridging Northern Ontario employers and internationally trained professionals
  • Yes Employment – provide services to help individuals find employment, return to school, and or access training

Contact Information

Zack Lafleur, Economic Development Officer
705-753-2050 ext. 1264

To contact staff by email, please visit our Contact Us page.