Elementary & Secondary (Kinoomaadiwgamgoon / Kinoomaagewin)

The Education Department promotes educational achievement and provides support, guidance and programming for students Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. We also oversee the operation of Nbisiing Secondary School. See the NFN Elementary and Secondary Policy & Guidelines for more details on the programs and services we offer.

As part of the Anishinabek Education System, we work closely with the Kinoomaadziwin Education Body (KEB) to deliver educational programs and services for NFN students who reside on-reserve and locally off-reserve.

Register your child at the Education Department

If you live on-reserve, you must register your child at the Education Department to access services and programs, such as Nbisiing Bus Lines, incentives and special education assistance. Off-reserve children are also eligible to receive assistance and some incentives and awards if they are registered with the Education Department. Complete and send the following forms to the Elementary/Secondary Coordinator:

Student Incentive Program

The Education Department awards elementary and secondary students for their attendance, and secondary students for their academic excellence. On-reserve and local off-reserve secondary students (attending a local school board or Nbisiing Secondary School) may be eligible for incentives and awards.

Start-up allowance
    • $50 for on-reserve students from JK to Grade 9
Attendance award
    • Up to $40 for on-reserve elementary students each semester who are absent for 4 days or less
    • Up to $25 for on-reserve secondary students for each course, to a maximum of 4 courses, minus $2.50 for each class they miss
Academic award
    • $40 for on-reserve and local off-reserve grade 8 graduates
    • $150 for on-reserve and local off-reserve grade 12 graduates
    • $25 for on-reserve and local off-reserve secondary students for each course they pass and a bonus for total average for each semester:

80% - 100% = $100

70% - 79% = $75

Special Education Assistance

Every effort is made to address the needs of students in school. Some students will need a variety of program modifications and accommodations to their education program. Other students may require a more specialized education program to assist them. The NFN Education Department can help families with special education needs, such as reviewing Individual Education Plans and attending Identification Placement and Review Committee meetings.

See the NFN Special Education Plan or contact the Elementary/Secondary Support Worker for more information on special education assistance.

Local School Boards

The Education Department works with four local provincial school boards to support NFN students who reside on-reserve and locally off-reserve. The school boards are:


Early Years Screening
Parents/guardians of children beginning Junior Kindergarten are urged to have vision, hearing and speech/language screening completed in the spring prior to the start of school in September. Visit the Nipissing District Developmental Screen website for a checklist of important skills expected of 3 and 4 year olds.

Reciprocal Education Approach (REA)
Ontario introduced the REA in September 2019 to provide support to First Nation students and their families through a consistent and transparent process when choosing where they wish to study – whether it be at a provincially-funded school or a First Nation-operated school.

Contact us

Daniel Stevens
Kinoomaagewin Niigaanzi-E-naakniged
Director of Education
705-753-6995 ext. 3013

Geraldeana Goulais
Gchi-kinoomaagewin Kendaason
Education Officer 
705-753-6995 ext. 1282

Caroline Labrecque
Kinoomaadiwgamgoon / Kinoomaagewin Waadookaaged
Elementary/Secondary Coordinator
705-753-6995 ext. 3014

Office Address:
Binoojiiyag Enji-Kinoomaagsiwaad (Education Centre)
70 Semo Road, Garden Village ON P2B 3K2
Phone: 705-753-6995
Fax: 705-753-5827

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