Each member of Council is responsible for participating on one or more committee(s).  Committee participation is a great way for community members to bring the voice of the membership to current issues and priorities, and help provide valuable context for decision-making.

Please note that committee member postings will be advertised in September 2021.  Our new Council for the 2021-2024 term will be sworn in in early August and will hold their first regular meeting in September.

Anishinaabemwin Committee
Works on opportunities to encourage Anishinaabemwin, provides input into the Language & Culture Strategy and language translations.

Culture & Pow Wow Committee
Assists in the planning and coordination of the annual pow wow and provides input into cultural plans & initiatives.

Economic Development
Assists with identifying EcDev opportunities and projects for NFN, and with reviewing the Business Licensing law.

Education Committee
Reviews education reports and strategies from external agencies (school boards, Kinoomaadziwin Education Body) and provides input for recruitment strategies at Nbisiing Secondary School.

Finance & Audit Committee (Internal)
Reviews, reports and makes recommendations to Chief & Council on the financial administration matters of NFN.  The Committee will assist the Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control, the audit process, and the process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and the code of conduct, including risk management.  The Committee is the liaison between the Chief & Council and management, and other resources including the external auditors.

Housing & Planning Committee *
Provides input into housing needs and projects on NFN, and addresses community development from a grassroots perspective, including addressing community policy and/or advocacy matters.
* Formerly 2 committees: Housing Committee & Community Development Committee

Lands & Bylaw Committee
Promotes responsible stewardship of our lands, waters and natural resources by drafting land laws and policies.

Natural Resources Committee
Provides input into responsible harvesting of NFN’s natural resources, as well as NFN’s Fisheries Law & Justice Circles.

Social & Wellness Committee *
Addresses community policy and/or advocacy matters with regard to community safety, recreation, sport and leisure to enhance community wellness.  Provides input into Wiidooktaadyang service
delivery, child protection and other community health issues.
* Formerly 2 committees: Community Wellness Committee & Health and Social Services Committee