Each member of Council is responsible for participating on one or more committee(s).  Committee participation is a great way for community members to bring the voice of the membership to current issues and priorities, and help provide valuable context for decision-making. Learn more about Chief and Council here.

All Committees are Full.

Members must be 18 years and over to participate on advisory committees, meetings are held once per month; committee members will be paid an honorarium of $100.00 for the meetings they attend.
Note: Applicants will be permitted to participate on a maximum of two committees. Committees will be comprised of youth, Elder and citizens at large, and each committee will have a maximum of seven members.

The Culture & Language Committee will support the implementation of the NFN Culture & Language strategic plan goals, including providing input on the design of community-based culture and language programming and aligning with the Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement Culture & Language Implementation Plan.  The committee will support the development and regular review of laws/policies pertaining to NFN culture, language and heritage and provide amendment recommendations to Council.

The Economic Development Committee will review/develop the economic development strategic plan to ensure the economic needs of the committee are addressed by recommending changes and/or improvements to existing economic development initiatives as well as identify and review economic Development opportunities and make recommendations to pursue or reject based on predefined criteria. This committee will assist with the development of a Business Start-Up Guide, create new opportunities to foster new NFN member owed businesses and provide input with policy and initiatives to highlight benefits and business opportunities for Bineshii Light Industrial Park plan.

The Education Committee addresses community policy and/or advocacy matters regarding Education. This committee will review reports, assist with policy reviews for NFN education services such as Nbisiing Bus Lines, Post-Secondary and provide input into the Education Law.  In addition to policy review, the Education committee will review Education projects and receive updates from external boards such as AES/KEB and other partners (Nipissing University and Canadore College). This committee may also be called upon to act as an appeals committee for Post-Secondary applications.

The Housing and Planning Committee will address policy and/or advocacy matters regarding housing by providing input into new housing projects, rental and NFN member owned housing programs to address the housing needs of NFN members. This committee will also provide input into Housing Policy to ensure that policies are meeting the current needs of NFN members.

The Lands & Bylaw Committee will address policy and/or advocacy matters regarding occupation and use of Nipissing First Nation lands by developing laws and regulations to ensure fair and sustainable development and develop and recommend the enactment of Laws. This committee will assist in the drafting of laws such as the Matrimonial Law Revisions, Land Code Revisions, Zoning Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Snowmobile Law and Accessible Parking Law.

The Natural Resources Committee will address community policy and/or advocacy on management or conservation matters related to the Natural Resources of NFN. This committee will work towards the review of Fisheries Law & Regulations and provide recommendations on amendments, review moose survey and population estimates and provide input and recommendations to sustain the moose population and review environmental pilot initiatives.

The Nishnaabemwin Translation Committee will use Nbisiing dialect fluency to translate NFN documents and provide support to NFN NSL teacher requests, assist culture staff with NFN Nishnaabemwin events by advocating and promoting Nbisiing dialect retention, protection and revitalization. This will be accomplished through informed decision-making, policy development and recommendations that align with the strategic direction of Nipissing First Nation to enhance our Nbisiing dialect fluency in translating approved documents for the reclaiming and revitalization of Nishnaabemwin for NFN.

The Pow Wow Committee will provide assistance in the planning and implementation of NFN’s annual pow wow by reviewing recommendations for plans, themes and line-ups. Committee members will also assist at the event. The committee members will also provide input into the development of a future pow wow ground for NFN.

The Social and Wellness Committee will address community policy and advocacy matters with regards to opportunities, issues and concerns that affect access to community health services, social services, recreation, and safety. In year 1, the Social and Wellness Committee will make recommendations for branding the Native Child Welfare Program, provide input into recreational and fitness programs for NFN, assist in the design for a “new” Community Health Fair, as well as providing recommendations for the proposed transition of Non-Insured Health Benefits agreement from a flexible to a set agreement.

Finance & Audit Committee (Internal)
Reviews, reports and makes recommendations to Chief & Council on the financial administration matters of NFN.  The Committee will assist the Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control, the audit process, and the process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and the code of conduct, including risk management.  The Committee is the liaison between the Chief & Council and management, and other resources including the external auditors.

Your participation on NFN committees is important! Committee feedback and recommendations help inform decision-making processes and assist Chief and Council with meeting NFN’s Governance Strategic Plan goals.  Miigwech!