Gas Cards

Starting January 1, 2020, the Ontario Gas Card will be discontinued. Instead, First Nation individuals will use their federally issued Certificate of Indian Status (Status Card) to purchase tax-exempt gasoline on reserve. Bands, Tribal Councils and band-empowered entities will use an exemption certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Authorized on-reserve gasoline retailers should not charge Ontario gasoline tax to a purchaser who presents an Ontario-issued exemption certificate or their Certificate of Indian Status (Status Card), which includes the:

  • laminated Certificate of Indian Status Card with no renewal date
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card
  • Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document

Retailers should visually confirm that the Status Card belongs to the purchaser, unless it is a child using their parent’s Status Card.

Purchasers may use current Ontario Gas Cards until midnight, January 31, 2020.

Authorized on-reserve retailers pay the Ontario gasoline tax when purchasing gasoline from their bulk suppliers. Retailers can apply to the ministry for a refund of the gasoline tax on tax-exempt gas sold to qualifying First Nation purchasers.

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