Live Streaming Policy

Chief & Council have approved a Live Streaming Policy for Council meetings. Livestreaming will help improve access to Council meetings and support openness and transparency.

The content of livestreamed NFN Council meetings is intended for NFN debendaagziwaad only. Our debendaagziwaad can contact Kim Salvaneschi at 705-753-2050 ext. 1229 or [email protected] to register for upcoming Chief and Council meetings.

Privacy Collection Statement

All Nipissing First Nation Chief and Council meetings are recorded and streamed on the internet via a private link for Nipissing First Nation debendaagziwaad only.

Every effort shall be taken to maintain privacy and the cameras filming and recording the meeting shall be focused on the Chief and Councillors. Debendaagziwaad of the community who address Council may be recorded. Any person who walks behind or in front of a Chief or Councillor’s seat may be filmed in the footage. Comments made by debendaagziwaad or general public from the gallery may also be live streamed.

It is possible that statements could be made which may be regarded as offensive, defamatory, or contrary to law. Nipissing First Nation Chief and Council does not accept liability for any inaccurate or defamatory statements or comments made at a meeting and will take appropriate steps to ensure that it does not publish that material.

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the availability of live streams to Nipissing First Nation debendaagziwaad. Council accepts no liability in the event that live streams are unavailable.

This Privacy Collection Statement is available as Appendix 2 in the Chief and Council Meeting Live Stream Policy.