Post-Secondary (Gchi-Kinoomaajiwgamik)

Post-secondary education can help you pursue a passion, increase your earning potential, improve your employability, and contribute to our Nation and other communities. As a NFN member, you can apply for funding to help get your college, university, and professional qualifications to become economically self-sufficient and realize your potential.

Learn more about the programs and services available to NFN post-secondary students in the Post-Secondary Education Policy.

Post-Secondary Education Assistance Program (PSEAP)

If you have been accepted to a post-secondary institution, congratulations! Apply to the PSEAP to receive support and a financial subsidy to help with your studies.

To be eligible for funding, you must be a registered Nipissing First Nation member and be enrolled or accepted at an accredited provincially funded college, university, or private institution as approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

For full-time funding, you must be registered as a full-time student. For part-time funding, you must be registered as a part-time student (up to 2 credits in one term).

Full-time students are eligible for:
    • Tuition fees (to a maximum of $5,000)
    • Book allowance ($500)
    • Living allowance – As a single student in school from September to April, you will receive $10,000. This is adjusted for each eligible dependent. If you live in campus residence, residence and meal fees are subtracted from this amount. The remainder will be disbursed to you twice per month. You will be responsible for any costs that exceed the allowance.
Part-time students are eligible for:
    • Tuition fees (up to 2 credits per term)
    • Book reimbursement (up to $150 per course)
You can use the Student Budget Worksheet to help determine your financial needs during your studies. PSEAP does not cover health and dental fees. You must opt-out of this coverage at your institution, or pay these fees on your own. The Education Department will only cover these fees if there is no option to opt-out of this plan. See the Post-Secondary Education Policy for more information on PSEAP funding. Download informational brochures on PSEAP full-time and part-time funding:

Full-time applications are due May 15 every year.

Part-time applications are received throughout the year on a first come, first served basis. Approval is based on availability of funding.

To apply, submit an application package to the Post-Secondary Support Worker. This will include:
    • Application form for either full-time or part-time funding:

Full-Time Post-Secondary Student Application

Part-Time Post-Secondary Student Application

    • Post-secondary transcripts (if you have attended prior years)
    • Residence fees (if you are staying in campus residence)
    • Acceptance letter (only for first year students or if not on file)
    • Program registration with class schedule or program outline for the year
    • Tuition fee statements or invoice/estimate from your school

The Post-Secondary Support Worker and Director of Education will review your application and notify you of funding decisions. You may be asked to provide missing or additional documentation.

Full-time funding will be determined two weeks following the application deadline. Decisions are made based on a priority list, detailed in the Post-Secondary Education Policy.

Part-time funding decisions are based on availability of funding.

  • As a sponsored student, you will receive a copy of the Sponsorship Letter to prove that the NFN Education Department has advised the institution of your sponsorship. If you receive a tuition bill, please forward it to the Post-Secondary Support Worker.
  • You must notify the Post-Secondary Support Worker if there are any changes to your courses (dropping or adding courses).
  • You must share your final marks with the Post-Secondary Support Worker to complete your file. Failure to submit required documentation to the Education Department could result in delay or discontinuation of sponsorship or future sponsorship.
  • Continuing students must apply for PSEAP every year.
  • Upon graduation, PSEAP students are eligible to receive a monetary graduation award. Please submit the Post-Secondary Graduate Award Application and a copy of your final transcript to the Post-Secondary Support Worker no later than March 1 after you graduated. For example, if you graduated in May 2021, documents must be submitted by March 1, 2022.

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