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Due to high volume of bookings, we currently only accept requests from NFN staff and community members.

Requests for the Garden Village Gym and Council Chambers should be submitted at least 3 days in advance

Due to renovations, Nbisiing Secondary School is unavailable for booking until September 2023.
Requests for Nbisiing Secondary School should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. Note that Nbisiing Secondary School is not available during school hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m) and that the school handles the I.T. needs for the Gym. To make these arrangements, please contact 705-497-9938 or [email protected].

  • *New Please check on any amenities for the Duchesnay facility. Arrangements haven’t been organized yet.
  • NFN reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings at any time. 
  • Locations are subject to change based on availability and suitability for the event.
  • A Rental Agreement is required for events booked by the public (non-staff event programming).
  • Costs, terms and guidelines are subject to change upon policy review and/or administrative direction. 

Events marked “pending” have not yet been reviewed or approved.  Please do not advertise your event until you receive confirmation that your request has been approved.



    Note: Event organizer is responsible for making their own catering arrangements. A list of qualified local caterers can be supplied upon request.

    KeyStorageRefrigerationTables & ChairsWhite BoardFlip ChartLaptopProjectorProjector ScreenComputer Sound Internet

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    The Office Support/Administrative Assistant will follow up with you to discuss your booking request as soon as possible.

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    Trista Hester, Office Support/Administrative Assistant
    705-753-2050 ext. 1265

    To contact staff by email, please visit our Contact Us page.

    Floor Plans

    Gym/Kitchen, Garden Village
    Duchesnay Community Hall
    Gym/Kitchen, Nbisiing School