Outreach Program & Wellness Resources

On April 28th, we hosted two virtual community engagement sessions to provide updates and request feedback about our new Outreach Program design.  For more information, please refer to the documents below:

The program has been extensively informed by input from clients and staff of Giyak Moseng (The Right Path) Counselling & Prevention Services.  The sessions also provided an overview of the mental health and addictions supports that are currently available and introductions to some of the staff who deliver these services.

Giyak Moseng has a full suite of programs and services that balance clinical and cultural approaches, but the Outreach Program will help address gaps in our current programs, including waitlists for critical services, by providing immediate support and meeting people where they are.

Once recruitment is completed, Outreach Workers will be out in the community to assist those struggling with addictions and mental health issues, including those who may not be ready or willing to ask for help.  Workers will meet these individuals where they are and offer support and assistance with basic needs (i.e. food, clothing) and spiritual needs (i.e. medicine bundles), among other types of support.

The goals of the new Outreach Program are to:

  • Engage with vulnerable people;
  • Build trusting relationships with them;
  • Connect with people where they are to give them the support they need;
  • Connect people with, and help them navigate, available resources and supports.

We will be undertaking a communications campaign starting in May to increase awareness of the resources that are available and how to access them.

We are committed to further discussions about the ideas brought forward by members in a recent letter to Council and through our engagement sessions.  All forms of healing are valid and need to be considered.  We will continue to work together as a community to address these complex issues and to help our members find their own path to wellness.

Below are links to services and resources available through NFN Health Services:

Below are links to services and resources available through NFN Social Services:

NFN’s Social Services programs and mandate are guided by the Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy.

Wiidooktaadyang – We are Helping One Another

Wiidooktaadyang Understanding Wellness – Final Report December 2020