Build in the Bineshii Business Park

The Bineshii Business Park Infrastructure Expansion Project adds 23 commercial and light industrial lots to the 76-acre business park, situated on Highway 17 just minutes west of the City of North Bay.  We are enthusiastic about this next phase of development and the opportunities it presents to diversify NFN’s economy sustainably, while creating benefits for the Nation and its debendaagziwaad (citizens).

The Nipissing Miller Partnership was contracted with the construction of this project, which achieved substantial completion in March 2024.  The project involved building roads to create access to new lots and to service the lots with natural gas, three-phase hydro*, illumination and telecommunications infrastructure.  Lessees will be responsible for clearing their lot, installing their own driveways and culverts, as well as connecting to hydro and installing water and sanitation services, if required.

* Note:  As of June 26, 2024, NFN is working with Hydro One to finalize the design of three-phase power services, which is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.  We anticipate it will take 4-6 weeks for services to be installed following the design approval.

Applications for commercial or light industrial lots in the Bineshii Business Park are now being accepted!

Applications will be accepted for an initial period of 30 to 60 days to gauge interest from current and potential tenants and to determine suitable lots based on submitted plans. This is not a “first come, first served” process. We will thoroughly review the initial batch of applications and prioritize those from NFN members before considering later submissions.

Applications will continue to be accepted after this initial intake window; however, applications from non-members or businesses that are not majority owned by a NFN member will be assessed only after the initial period ends.

Partnerships will only be considered when there is a Partnership Agreement or Corporation registered with the Province of Ontario. A duly executed partnership agreement showing the percentages owned by each party is required in these instances.

All applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the business case, alignment with NFN’s goals, diversification of economic activity, as well as the applicants’ land use requirements, building plans, and their compatibility with the proposed zoning and existing tenants within the business park, if applicable.

An application does not guarantee an offer to lease.

Commercial/Industrial Land Lease Policy Summary

Under the approved Commercial/Industrial Land Lease Allocation Policy, once a proponent has satisfied the requirements of the Business Licensing Approval Process, the Land Office will issue an Offer to Lease. This offer designates a suitable lot and sets the annual rental rate for the first five years based on an accredited appraisal of the value of similar vacant land, multiplied by an indicator set by Chief and Council.

For land in Bineshii Business Park appraised at $100,000 per acre in 2022, the annual lease rates are:

  • Nipissing First Nation members: 7% of assessed value ($7,000 per acre per year)
  • Non-members: 14% of assessed value ($14,000 per acre per year)

Nipissing First Nation members or Nation-owned businesses receive graduated annual lease rates:
0% for the first year, 25% for the second year, 50% for the third year, 75% for the fourth year, and 100% for the fifth and all subsequent years. Non-members or businesses not majority-owned by members do not qualify for these graduated annual lease rates.  Additional lots and expansions are subject to full rates immediately.

The Offer to Lease allows a one-year period for improvements to be placed on the land in accordance with the approved plans. Upon becoming operational, a 35-year lease is issued with annual rent based on the appraised value and multiplied by an indicator. Rent reviews occur every five (5) years to adjust the indicator if needed by a Band Council Resolution.

Zoning Map of the Bineshii Business Park


For general inquiries about the project and the application process:
Gen Couchie, Business Operations Manager
(705) 753-2050 ext. 1243
[email protected]

For business licensing inquiries: 
Zack Lafleur, Economic Development Officer
(705) 753-2050 ext. 1264
[email protected]

For land leasing inquiries:
Cathy McLeod, Land Manager
(705) 753-2922 ext.  1233
[email protected]

Project Funding

This $7 million expansion project was made possible by grant funding contributions from the following partners:

  • Indigenous Services Canada – $3 million
  • Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario (FedNor) – $1 million
  • Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) – $1 million

Nipissing First Nation’s required equity contribution of 10% towards the project was provided through Enhancement Funds, while the remaining $1.5 million required was borrowed as an interest-bearing loan from the Nipissing (Community Developments) GP Inc.  This is the entity that holds revenues from other economic development projects, such as the profits derived from the Duchesnay Creek Bridge Project completed by the Nipissing Miller Partnership, in which NFN is the majority shareholder (51%). 

Accessing funds derived from economic development activities to help support new projects without dependency on the land claim trust fund or long-term debt speaks to the success of our economic development and nation-building initiatives. This also contributes to our strategic goals of creating revenue-generating partnerships and projects that are sustainable in the long term.

Construction Progress Photos Courtesy of Donald Boissonneault, EXP Engineering Services
Drone Photography Courtesy of Zack Lafleur, NFN Economic Development Officer