Forestry Operations on Mooz Miikan

Members cautioned to expect increased traffic and reminded to yield right of way to logging trucks

Nipissing First Nation (NFN) holds a Sustainable Forest License to harvest wood from Crown Land.  NFN has entered into an agreement with Young Forestry Services to have two (2) of our allocated blocks harvested, which are located on Crown Land north of NFN.

To access these blocks, NFN has agreed to permit access to Young Forestry Services through Mooz Miikan to Highway 17 where it can be transported to be processed.  Community members are advised that there will be an increase in traffic along this 13.4 km stretch of Mooz Miikan (see map on page 2).

Road preparations will begin late April 2022 to fix any damages to the road that may have occurred from the previous winter.  Young Forestry Services will maintain the road year-round to ensure band members have good access to this part of the land.  Any major road repairs will be monitored and permitted by NFN.  We will notify the membership of major repairs and of any disruptions to the flow of traffic. 

Harvest Activity Signs will be placed along Mooz Miikan to inform band members of the work taking place.  Kilometer markers will also be placed along the road and logging trucks will be calling out the kilometers on a CB radio when traveling this road.  NFN members who have access to a CB Radio are encouraged to use it to communicate with truck drivers to minimize the risk of unexpected encounters with log trucks.

Shoulders will be extended in some areas to allow safe passage of both vehicles when meeting up with a logging truck.  In the event of meeting up with logging truck on a tight part of the road, members are encouraged to move over to a safe area where both vehicles can pass each other.

Please keep in mind that loaded logging trucks have the right of way when traveling on private roads used for forestry operations, and be cautious when traveling Mooz Miikan for the duration of this project.

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Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact:                                

Hugh Martel, Forestry Coordinator
705-753-2050 ext. 1263 or [email protected]