Hydrant Flushing in Garden Village

The Public Works department will flush hydrants from May 23 to 26, 2023. Residents connected to the water system can expect low pressure periods and possible discolouration of water during the week while hydrants are flushed.

Hydrant flushing is part of our preventative maintenance program to ensure that hydrants function properly in case of emergency and that sufficient waterflow is supplied for our firefighting team. Flushing also removes sediment that naturally accumulates in water pipes to maintain the quality of the water we provide.

If your water is discoloured

If water is discoloured, run your cold water tap for three to five minutes.  If the water is still discoloured, wait about 30 minutes, and run the water again. This temporary discolouration only affects the appearance of the water – it does not cause a health or safety risk.

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