Beaucage Park Open for Day Use

Beaucage Park will open for day use from Monday, September 5th until Monday, October 31st. The hours of operation are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

As with other NFN-owned properties, Beaucage Park is accessible to Debendaagziwaad (registered NFN members) and Endaawaad (individuals who live on NFN but are not Debendaagziwaad). All users must be accompanied by Debendaagziwaad.

We ask everyone to respect fellow park users by keeping noise to a reasonable level so that all users can enjoy the beauty of the park. As keepers of the land, we have a responsibility to respect our lands and protect our natural resources.

Failure to follow the Beaucage Park RULES OF USE will result in loss of privileges:

  • No overnight camping or overnight docking of boats at the launch
  • Drugs and alcohol are prohibited at all times
  • Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time
  • Parks users are responsible for the supervision of children in their care
  • Use of the Park areas are at own risk – there are no lifeguards on duty
  • Proper safety equipment (lifejackets) should be utilized at all times
  • Cooking and campfires shall be permitted in designated fire pit areas only
  • All garbage is to be placed into bags, removed from the site and disposed of by the user
  • The site and portable washroom facilities must be kept in a neat manner at all times
  • Pets shall be confined to the site limits, unless the owner is walking the pet on a leash
  • ATVs, mini bikes, scooters or golf carts are strictly prohibited
  • Please be cautious of any construction or maintenance work.
  • Use of the docks or park buildings is prohibited at this time.

Groups & Reservations

The Park may not be monitored at all times, so to ensure Debendaagziwaad and Endaawaad have equal access to the Park, we ask you to please call in advance to make a reservation if you are planning a group gathering (family, traditional, youth gatherings, etc.).

To make a reservation, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Zack Lafleur, Economic Development Officer
Office: 705-753-2050 ext 1264

Click here to download this notice in PDF format.