Student Incentive Program

The goal of the Student Incentive program is to motivate students to attend classes and do better in their studies. On-reserve Nipissing First Nation members are entitled to all student incentives, and therefore must be residing on-reserve for the majority of the semester/year.

The Education Office requires the Release of Information Form signed so that the schools can forward copies of the report cards.

Students in grades SK-Grade 9 will receive $50 for a start-up allowance. If you have a JK student, please contact our office for forms. Grade 10-12 students will receive their incentives based on the June Report Cards that have been received. This incentive amount is determined by attendance, credits earned and marks.

Report Cards & Incentives

If you have not signed a consent form with our office, allowing us to access your student’s report card, please submit a copy of the second semester report card to our office no later than July 31.

Graduation Awards On & Off Reserve Local NFN Students: Grade 8 & 12

Incentives for ON-Reserve NFN Students

  • Elementary attendance 4 days or less
  • High school attendance $25 for each credit course enrolled minus $2.50 for each class missed.

Incentives for ON & OFF Reserve Local NFN High School Students

$25 for each credit passed & total average of marks for semester
80% – 100% =$100
70% – 79% =$75

Start-up Allowance for On-Reserve Students:

The maximum allowance for NFN elementary & grade 9 students living on reserve shall be $50 per year for all students registered for the first day of school. (Elementary and Secondary Policy and Administration Guidelines)