Commercial Space For Lease

Two 1,025 sq.ft. units are available for lease in the new Bineshii Small Business Centre, with the option to combine them into one 2,050 sq.ft. unit.   Lease rates per unit are $1,323.96/month on a 5 year lease. 

Incubator rates are available for eligible NFN members – such as business start-ups and home-based businesses.  The incubator rates are subsidized as follows:

  • First Year – $683.33/month
  • Second Year – $854.17/month
  • Third Year – $1,025.00/month
  • Fourth Year – $1,195.83/month
  • Fifth Year – $1,323.96/month

Non band members welcome.  Must be eligible for an NFN Business License.  

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact:

Michael Harney, Economic Development Manager
705-753-2050 ext. 1264 or

The Bineshii Small Business Centre is located on Highway 17W between Young Forestry Services and the Eagle’s Nest Gas Bar near the community of Yellek.